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The dental landscape with regards to occlusion is laid out with groups of dentists possessing a belief system on how to both diagnose and treat TMJ-D (Temporo Mandibular Joint Disorder) related problems. Who is right and who is wrong? That is not the question. The real question is: How to alleviate or eliminate pain, for people who suffer from TMJ symptoms? provides a health care provider and patient platform to discuss, learn and treat TMJ disorders with a physiological approach.

Our first objective: Let’s help TMJ patients to get out of pain. But always remember: TMJ treatment is far from an exact science — yet. We need more research, more case studies, and more data. So we need you (future TMJ practitioners) to help us.
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Are you experiencing TMJ symptoms like migraines, jaw, neck, ear, eye, or sinus pain? You are not alone. Millions of people in North America are suffering from TMJ disorders. Need a TMJ diagnosis? Find a TMJ practitioner in your area.

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With the costs of travel, time away from your office, and the need to have your team on board and up to speed with new office services. Online training offers the chance to learn about TMD in manageable bites (pun intended).
Pre-recorded webinars and video training sessions will help the entire office become excited about delivering timely and helpful care to your patients. These are typically under 20 minutes in length so you can bring the team in over lunch or after work and learn an aspect of TMD treatment with plenty of time left for discussion and developing plans for integration into your dental practice. TMD needs to be understood by all of the team that has the chance to talk to your patients so they can be informed and consistent. Online courses are a great tool for this aspect of implementation.
The quickest way to get the whole office up to speed is to arrange an In-Practice series of visits. These allow you to treat actual patients in your office while learning how to diagnose, inform and treat TMD. The number of visits will vary with each practice so contact us and discuss options that work best for your office.
Group Training allows you to have a hands on experience while learning TMD protocols in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Bring up to 10 doctors for in-depth training and discussion on the diagnosis and treatment of TMD. Level 1 is the introduction to diagnosis and treatment with the T-scan. Level 2 is further diagnosis and treatment using a full physiologic assessment. You will gain familiarization with the T-scan and ULF TENS and the Naturalfit Orthotic. Tours of relevant health care providers clinics and Aurum Group Dental Lab to view the production of the NaturalFit Orthotic.
Run into a problem. You can arrange a phone consultation to discuss patient care and obstacles to your therapy that may pop up. There are so many subtle and varied nuances that is involved in treating TMD. Share your problems and find possible insights and answers.

TMJ Practitioners in Focus.

TMJ Practitioner in Focus

Dr. Christian Coachman

Dr. Christian Coachman received his DDS degree from the University of Sao Paulo Dental School in 2002. Before the DDS degree, he obtained his technician certificate in in Dental Prosthesis.
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