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Is TMJ / TMD a mystery to you?

TMD is a mystery. It is a mystery to all types of health care providers seeking to help their suffering patients. The problem with solving this mystery is that each health care provider believes that their focus is CAUSAL to the patient’s TMD problem. If you are a chiropractor, it must be the neck that is causal. If you are a dentist, it must be the teeth or the TMJ. If you are a medical doctor, it must be medical problem that requires medication.

To solve this mystery you must have an understanding that TMD is part of a much larger puzzle that crosses the span of health care professions. And to treat TMD you must collaborate across these professions.


TMD can be demystified

It is not even difficult. It just requires that we let our focus step back from our professional training to understand that each of us play but a part in the healthy function of our patient. If you are a dentist, you know that the teeth and jaws are part of an entire person. Physiologic occlusion cannot be represented by stone dental models. If you are a chiropractor, you know that there are muscles, tendons and ligaments pulling on the vertebrae that cause imbalance. If you are a medical doctor, you know that your medication is treating only a symptom and not the cause of the problem that is creating the symptom.

If we limit our focus, we will never find the cause. And our actions will not have the consistency of success that we seek to provide. Through our online TMD / TMJ courses you will learn how to diagnose, treat, and collaborate with other health care providers. These protocols will let you become successful in your TMD therapy.

Treating TMD can make your practice healthier, stand out and grow

1 in 4 families have a migraine sufferer. Headaches and migraines cause 128 million bedridden days for North American workers each year. Patients are looking for solutions to their chronic head and neck pain, jaw pain, tooth sensitivity, fracturing teeth, ear pain, clicking TMJ’s, and headaches. You can be part of the team that helps these patients find relief. This makes your services more valuable to your own patients and those who are actively seeking a place for answers.

TMD / TMJ training in the understanding, diagnosing, treating, collaborating, and growing of your TMD services can be started online. Your training and communication with other health care providers, will help you form your own TMD Team. Become a member of TMJ.Today and be part of the solution for TMD.


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