Dr Curtis Westersund

TMJ Practitioner


Owner of the Dentalife practice, Dr. Curtis Westersund, dentist Calgary, applies a physiologic approach to dentistry. According to his ‘bigger picture’ philosophy, your bite has a significant effect on dental/oral health, muscle condition and posture. Depending on your dental condition, he offers a wide variety of solutions in order to suit your needs and your budget.

TMJ Practitioner Dr Konstantin Ronkin

“The effects of dental problems are not always restricted to your mouth. Most people are not aware that dental problems could affect your entire body or even your life. My mission is not only to take care of your oral health but also to protect your overall health.”
-Curtis Westersund

Dr. Curtis Westersund earned his DDS from University of Alberta in Edmonton. He has practiced as a general dentist in the city of Calgary in the province of Alberta, Canada for 36 years. Dr. Westersund’s practice is limited to the treatment of Temporo Mandibular Disorders (TMD) with a physiologic approach. He holds a Mastership with the International College of Cranio-Mandibular Orthopedics. Dr. Westersund has published clinical studies in 2 books about use of neuromuscular protocols in the treatment of TMD and has helped teach
dentists throughout the United States, Russia, Europe, Japan, India and Canada about the treatment and communication of TMD using physiologic and neuromuscular principles.

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