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TMJ Practitioner

TMJ Solutions in Edna, Texas

Being a third-generation dentist has given me somewhat of a head start on the importance of the mouth-body connection. A hundred years ago, my grandfather felt that an infection from a tooth would attack the weakest part of the body. He taught this correlation to my father, and my father taught me. Now, science is backing up what we always knew to be true. Your mouth is the gateway to the rest of the body, and a healthy mouth equals a healthy body.

TMJ Practitioner Dr Konstantin Ronkin

Dr. Mac Lee: We treat people with TMJ/TMD headaches, migraines, jaw, ear, and neck pain. Rest assured, there is help. I am extremely lucky to have world ranked 110M Hurdler and Olympic Trials Qualifier, Chris Thomas as a friend and mentor. Best of all, he is an expert on trigger points and does his massage therapy (deep tissue & wellness) at my office three days a week. We work together on patients who have head and neck pain due to all kinds of TMD/TMJ symptoms.

For those with dental anxiety, Dr Lee uses sedation dentistry, nitrous oxide and a NuCalm relaxation device. Modern technology allows dentists to sedate high fear patients and do most of their needed work in only one appointment. If you are a high fear patient, know there is help available.

Dr. Mac Lee: If you have a loved one who has dental phobia, please know that it is real and it is extremely important that you understand this fear and do what you can to help them find the dentist who is right for them.

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