Vision and Mission

The ‘Mouth • Body • Life‘ Connection – Vision

Did you know that one of the first medical specialties was Dentistry? The first dental school opened in 1828 in North America. That is when the profession of medicine and dentistry separated and began to evolve into what they are today. The unfortunate problem is that our patients did not separate into medical and dental. They stayed connected as a living breathing and functioning humans.

As dentists focused on teeth, they became better and better tooth mechanics. But in that growth, I feel that we have lost the focus on the physiology and function of our patients as it relates to our profession.

TMJ-joint – Mission

We are not just tooth mechanics. We are Mouth Doctors. And what we do to our patients has a far and dramatic affect on their lives.

TMJ.Today is a vehicle where multiple professions can connect, talk, learn and collaborate so they can help their patients lives improve.

We need to be leaders in our professions by acknowledging that the phrase “We have always done it this way” is not the way we improve our understanding or treatment of our patient’s condition.

This may mean we learn some complex therapies but the cool thing is that most of the ground work has already been done. It just needs to be spread amongst all manner of health care professionals.

TMJ.Today is not about one or a few people. It is about the commitment we all made when we accepted the mantle of our professions. Let’s make the world a better place. Let’s help more patients. Let’s do it together. needs you, the dentist, the chiropractor, the massage therapist, the Cranial Sacral therapist, the Medical Doctors to collaborate and communicate. Only when we do this together, we can move the science of TMD forward. Let’s begin with sharing real life, real people, and real case experiences. So we all become part of the solution.

A physiological, scientific approach

The human body is a complex, interconnected, and interdependent entity. Only by understanding the progression of compromise, accommodation, parafunction, dysfunction and the subsequent creation of a “new normal” can we unravel the stress and strain that impacts our patient’s lives.

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Dr. Curtis Westersund, President


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